Alt Learn the life cycles of animals and plants. Made of bamboo with photographic image. LIFE CYCLES Alt Mini magnetic bamboo puzzles with photographic images. CIRCLES Alt CHILDREN'S PHOTOGRAPHY BOOKS Small formats with a great world to discover.


We create with a child's soul. We propose books and toys to discover and share the fascinating world our children live in. That is why we offer simple, real material, made with love. No artifice, no lights, no batteries. Nor letters, so they can enjoy and fully interpret images.


Safe toy 100%

Toys that meet the safety requirements by AIJU, Technological Institute of Children's and Leisure Products.

Eco-friendly materials

Recyclable and natural materials. Because we are committed to the environment, the planet and our children’s future. PEFC certificate for ouw wood toys. Recycled paper for our books.


Committed to the growth and development of children through real images.

Quality game

We promote qualitative playing and learning, without artificial elements and without haste.


Our commitment

We are learning from you. So if you are a child educator, we want to thank you for your important comittement. Discover our way of thanking you.

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