¿What is Nowordbooks?

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How a snail moves, how a tractor works or how leaves fall from the trees,  are great discoveries during early childhood.

A world where everything is new.

At Nowordbooks we offer educational materials and toys  to support children in their learning process

Establish visual relationships and natural connections with the world around them.

That is to identify everyday objects, to know evolutionary processes, such as the growth of a tree ,to differentiate between emotions or to discover the different animals that may live in a forest, among other topics.

Books and stories without text in order to enhance curiosity, observation and learning of the little ones.

Materials specially designed for educational centers and also to enjoy and share with the children at home.

There is nothing like the real world, to awaken the imagination!

Our history started in 2015 as providers of teaching materials for schools. During that time we learned about the experiences, concerns and needs of children’s educators. Real image books and toys were the main educational material they lacked.

This is the start of our project and, in 2019, after a lot of effort and dedication, Nowordbooks was born.

Thank you for supporting us. Because behind Nowordbooks there is not just one company, there are people with the soul of a child.

Today, Nowordbooks keeps providing educational materials to schools around the world

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