Bamboo Magnetic Pieces of Means of...
Los Medios de Transporte
Los Medios de Transporte

Bamboo Magnetic Pieces of Means of Transport


Ten magnets in bamboo wood with real images of means of transport printed directly on the bamboo surface.

To place on any metal surface.

Includes: plane, motorcycle, boat, helicopter, bus, train, bicycle, car, truck and scooter.

Age: 1-4 years
Format: 10 magnetic pieces
Material: Bamboo
Thickness of the piece of wood: 4mm.
Magnet thickness: 1mm
Maximum measure: 123mmX108mm.
Minimum size: 102mmX80mm.


Psicomotricidad Fina
1 a 5 years

The use of bamboo for the elaboration of our products responds to the following reasons:

On the one hand, greater resistance compared to other materials, which implies greater safety for the little ones, since it considerably reduces the probability of the pieces breaking.

On the other hand, reforestation of bamboo is up to 5 times faster than that of a forest of trees, in 5 years the plant can already reach 25 meters. This implies that the use of bamboo drastically reduces deforestation.

Another aspect of great importance is that bamboo, during its growth phase, absorbs several times more CO2 than many other species, which reduces the presence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

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Psicomotricidad Fina
1 a 5

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